Join your colleagues and clients @EuroComm 15

JPEG FILE - BlueCommunicators and marketing people from more than 29 organisations have already booked for EuroComm, how about you?

With 3 weeks to EuroComm 15, ticket sales is still open, and you can reserve your ticket for this year’s regional IABC conference in London, from 12-14 April.

6 good reasons to join

  1. Value: two days with communication experts, interacting with peers, plus lunches and networking reception – £320 if you are a member of IABC or a partner organisation – if not  £480 – and for only an extra £95 you can join IABC as well. Bargain!
  1. Approach: focus on the often overlooked upward and lateral communication: listening to employees, customers and other stakeholders and sharing best practice through short snappy TED’s and panel conversations plus your own power to contribute and discuss throughout.
  1. Content: engagement, addressing social media legal challenges, improving customer experience, the power of mobile apps, challenges of a diverse workforce – just some of the latest thinking and new solutions.
  1. Perspective: the best from European speakers to give you a wider perspective and a special session on communicating across cultural and geographic boundaries to help you become an international communicator.
  1. Career: you may be a communicator on the internal or external side – but the future suggests these roles will become closer – here is your chance to learn new skills and bring back fresh ideas to your own organisation.
  1. Action: have you ever left a conference with enthusiasm which fades when work hits next day? Our focus will be to ensure that you note learning points throughout and leave with a practical action plan to put in place on your return. Result!

Of course you are busy – but you need to take the time to learn and grow – both to benefit your organisation and your own career.

So, click here for more information about the programme, who is speaking at #EuroComm and book, should you decide this conference is for you.

EuroComm 2015 is kindly sponsored by:

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