Driving business with communication

Communications as a function is coming of age in organisations across the world. Most Chief Communications Officers report directly to the CEO; commercially, companies are learning that their customers respond better to community-building and intelligent storytelling as opposed to classic push strategies; teams are allocating increased budgets to analytics and planning.

Still, 80% of the main drivers of the European economies, the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), lack a dedicated communications department.

Communications increasingly has the “seat at the table” that we’ve been longing for and teams now have professional processes and structures in place. But we still need to prove we understand the business and can drive value for the organisation; for SMEs, we need to show how communicators fit and can make a real contribution to the bottom line.

What are the right types of priorities that drive value for organisations? How do we manage communities and participation? What metrics do you need to track the data and how do you gain the right insight that will inform decisions? What competencies will effective communicators need in the future? Being a storyteller, a connected connector, digital savvy, understanding content as data …?

The International Association of Business Communicators is hosting its next EuroComm conference in Rotterdam, on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th April, at The Public Library, inviting professionals throughout the EMENA (Europe, Middle East and North Africa) region to participate in the debate on how we as leaders, staffers and consultants best help the organisations we work for.

EuroComm 2016 is the meeting place for business communicators. We will have a varied programme of hosted conversations, inspiring keynote speakers, roundtable discussions and amazing case studies. Join us, learn and share your insights!


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