An interview with #EuroComm17 speaker Sheila Parry

Sheila Parry

Why is your session a must-see for communications professionals?

My career started with creating words and concepts but somewhere along the way it transformed into changing behaviours and making a business impact. How did that come about and what happened as a result? My session, called TAKE PRIDE, tells all.

What does “transformation” mean to you and how should communicators adapt, invent and evolve?

Transformation is about a radical or significant difference, usually improvement, that is a consequence of one or many changes. It has an inference of drama and speed, perhaps even trauma, but it can actually be played as a longer game plan and be a consequence of many, small steps.

Within my working life, the advent of the Internet has transformed the way we do business. But so have economic and fiscal policy, socio-demographic trends, cheaper air travel and mobility. 

The way we communicate with brands and employers and each other has also changed dramatically. But other aspects of human communications remain the same. The challenges of difference, of being an introvert or an extrovert, of having too much self-confidence or too much self-doubt.

People who communicate well have always been able to oil the wheels of industry. We have always been able to understand people and respect their differences. We have always found a way to negotiate, represent, mediate, facilitate. We have had to learn to adapt, to invent new tools and to evolve our roles. But we do still need some of the same core skills of listening, of creative thinking, of navigating complexity and finding simplicity.

What or who are you most looking forward to seeing at EuroComm17?

Passionate people, peers, some old friends and new colleagues. I admit I have worked with some challenging clients and colleagues in my life but I consider myself most fortunate, my entire career, to have been part of a great profession that attracts such interesting people.

Meet Sheila at #EuroComm18  •  27-28 March 2017  •  London

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