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Many of our EuroComm 2017 speakers are published authors. They have kindly offered copies of their books for us to give away to one lucky person who buys a ticket to EuroComm on Valentine's Day!

Valid for all EuroComm tickets purchased on 14 February 2017 only (00:01 until 23:59 GMT). We'll announce the winner and give you your prize when we see you for EuroComm in London on 27-28 March.






P.S. If you just can't wait, you can also click on the book cover images below to buy a copy now:


Employee Engagement and Communication Research - measurement, strategy, action

by Susan Walker

Evaluate and measure research from employee engagement to change effectively in your organization. Learn how to conduct robust, reliable but cost effective research and align it with the strategy of the business. Includes case studies and interviews of best practice throughout from companies such as Sinicakas, Aon, Echo Research and HCS consulting, allowing readers to see theory applied in practice.


Neuroscience for Organizational Change: An Evidence-based Practical Guide to Managing Change

bu Hilary Scarlett

Understanding how employees' brains work has lasting impact in terms of meeting business objectives and becoming an employer of choice. Neuroscience for Organizational Change helps businesses understand why employees find organizational change difficult and what they need from work relationships to perform at their best. Providing practical examples of how to apply these insights, the book enables organizations to improve performance as well as support the mental and emotional well-being of employees.



So You Think You Can't Network: a guide to using your connections as resources

by Lin McDevitt-Pugh

If you think you can’t network, you are holding the right book. Each one of us is connected. This is what lies at the heart of networking. Networking is more than going to local and industry meetups. It’s about how you engage with and leverage your existing contacts. Lin will open your eyes to the simplicity of networking. She takes you through the theory and gives you tools to practice your skills. Discover how to turn your connections into a resource to achieve your personal and organizational goals. So You Think You Can’t Network is richly illustrated with stories. Many of these stories are from people who attended her workshops in Africa, Australia and Europe.

25 Years of Crises in Review – The Good, The Bad and The Truly Ugly 

by Caroline Sapriel

This book chronicles major crisis cases in the last 25 years, one from each year. Caroline Sapriel and Dirk Lenaerts, partners of CS&A International, draw key lessons from the cases, which are curated to cover a wide range of industry sectors, span various countries and reflect different crisis typology. This book commemorates CS&A International’s 25th anniversary, and the world now is more complex than it was in 1991. But the same fundamental crisis communication principles apply. Sapriel and Lenaerts will take readers through the years and glean pearls of wisdom from each case such as: When offence is the best defence; Don’t blame one of your own; Denial never pays.

From Lincoln to LinkedIn: The 55-Minute Guide to Social Communication, Or why social media has all to do with new technology and everything to do with the timeless principles of word of mouth

by Mike Klein

In this age of social media, we all know that the days of top-down, one-size-fits-all approaches to organisational communication are numbered. But what should replace it? Channelling the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, Mike Klein presents a short, compelling and highly actionable guide to understanding the tribal ties that connect people and the communication strategies that mobilise them to act for change. In so doing, he exposes the aggressive naivete of social media evangelists and explains how the true value of social communication lies not in the brainless adoption of new technologies, but in their strategic application as a force multiplier for the timeless principles of word of mouth.