EuroComm 2017 – the presentations

By popular request, here are links to PDF versions of the EuroComm 2017 presentations, where they’re available. Of course, there’s no substitute for being there and joining the discussion. In some cases, if you weren’t actually in the room the slides won’t be much help if they were just intended to be used as visual aides. In reality, the depth of insight and richness of the content was incredible this year.

We urge you to start planning for the next conference now. As soon as we announce the 2018 dates, alert your boss that you’re going to be out of the office, add a line item to your annual team training & development budget … but whatever you do – join us again in 2018!


Communication Careers


Language and Leaders 

Organisational Change 

Crisis Communication

B2B and Public Sector

New Communication Platforms

Insights, Measurement and Big Data