EuroComm 2017 – in others’ words

Here are just a few of the write-ups and articles we've spotted this week about our EuroComm 2017 content and speakers … Please let us know via an email to [email protected] if we've missed anything that should be featured here!

"Understanding Brexit from a Communications Perspective"

Holmes Report

While it may be an understatement to say that Brexit is on everyone’s mind back in the UK, thanks to the daily political headlines in the media, the gravity of what it means for us as communicators was finally made clear during a speech made by Warwick Smith at IABC’s EuroComm event earlier this year. Communicators need to speak up and explain clearly the role they must play when it comes to Brexit.

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'Transforming business communications at EuroComm 2017'

Communicate Magazine

From organisational change to crisis communications, the burning question for EuroComm 2017 keynote speaker and communications consultant, Antonio Meza, concerns positive transformation, “Often when transformation happens, it triggers fear,” he says. Yet for the diverse crowd of business communicators gracing the contemporary offices of conference sponsors, Instinctif Partners, transformation is top of the agenda, despite the consequences.

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'Language & Leadership: Why Communicators Need to Own Both'

Sheila Parry

Last week, as Theresa May began dismantling Britain’s relationship with Europe, business communicators from across the region gathered in London to concentrate on creating connections.

The EuroComm17 conference was more than an act of defiance. With its theme of ‘Transformation – Adapt, Invent, Evolve’, the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) promised it would provide knowledge, insight and networking opportunities to help us thrive. And it delivered.

Via TheBlueBallroom

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'How to work as an independent practitioner'

Rachel Miller

Four years ago I made the decision to work as an independent practitioner and launch All Things IC consultancy. It was a terrifying and exhilarating decision. And the best career choice I’ve made.

Last week I spoke at #EuroComm17 hosted by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), here in London. I offered advice and guidance on the reality of working independently and being your own boss.

The theme of the conference was transformation: adapt, invent, evolve. I structured my talk around 10 career lessons I’ve learnt along those themes, and thought I’d share the content with you.

Via All Things IC

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ADAPT • INVENT • EVOLVE: Reviewing the past to prepare for the future

Martin Gilbraith

Thank you to everyone who participated in my plenary session Facilitating transformation: reviewing the past to prepare for the future at this year’s IABC EMENA conference #EuroComm17 in London today.

In the session I demonstrated a participatory approach for a group to review the past to prepare for the future, by applying the ToP Historical Scan method to reflect together on the journey of development of the communications profession.

Here I share links to some resources and case studies that I mentioned, and perhaps some that I didn’t, plus (below) tweets from the session timeline we created.

via Align Your Org

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'Complex life of the NHS communicator' 

Tim Hart

The NHS is under unprecedented scrutiny and its crises are played out in the media, putting its comms professionals under extreme pressure, according to a delegate at this year's EuroComm 2017 conference. 

The NHS is the largest employer in Europe with some 1.6m employees. Tim Hart said NHS comms had a wide audience - from the public and patients to staff, union members and politicians - as well as the media. The work, he said, also had a very broad remit – engaging in public affairs, internal comms and crisis comms, as well as dealing with media relations. 

Via PR Week

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'Brexit - What Communicators Need to Know'

Warwick Smith

There’ve been a lot of new faces in our London office this week as communicators from all over Europe have arrived for #EuroComm17.

During the two-day conference, Warwick Smith delivered some key insights in his session, Brexit – What communicators need to know. And what better timing for some much needed clarity around this very complex area. We have summarised the five key learnings from his session.

Via Instinctif

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We’re excited to be hosting EuroComm 2017 next Monday and Tuesday, with a great line-up here. To warm you up before Monday, here are a few words of wisdom from Nikki Edwards, IABC EMENA Region Chair,  around ‘Transformation: Adapt, Invent, Evolve’ which is this year’s theme for the event.

To adapt to new communications trends and tools you need to be agile, and to be agile you must stay informed. The business communicator role is ever changing and when you work in a corporate environment you are in danger of looking only inwards. Rather, keep abreast of what people outside of your immediate network are doing and look to the wider communications industry for new ideas and inspiration. Networking at industry events and being part of a professional association is a great way to do this.”

Via Instinctif Engagement

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