IABC to bring #EuroComm18 to Copenhagen on 9-10 April

IABC EMENA, the regional association for communication professionals that crosses borders, functions and specialties, has announced its selection of Copenhagen as the venue for its annual EuroComm conference. EuroComm 2018 will take place on 9-10 April at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark’s top-rated university, in the historic Festsal in the city center.

With a working theme of “Communication, Technology and Participation,” the organizers aim to appeal not only to current IABC members and other professional communicators from across the region, but to include other participants from the technology, startup, and public sectors as well.

“This will be an innovative event,” said Alex Malouf, IABC EMENA’s Dubai-based regional chair. “It will combine a day of on-topic presentations and workshops with a one-day ‘Open Space’ (unconference) set-up where participants will generate their own discussions through the guidance of an expert facilitator.”

Event organizers with ties to Copenhagen and Denmark include Mike Klein, EMENA Vice Chair, formerly of Maersk Oil; Michael Nord, the sole Dane and European on IABC’s International Executive Board; Maersk’s Katie Noll, an EMENA Board Member; and Ian Andersen from the European Commission.

Locating the event in Copenhagen, a city known for its innovation and entrepreneurial culture, also marks IABC’s return to the Nordics after a five-year absence. EuroComm18 will seek to showcase how professional communication can help fuse technology and participation, and what this means for the region’s agencies and in-house communicators.

With the venue now set, IABC EMENA is seeking partnerships with communication associations and other organizations to support attendance at EuroComm 2018. There will be several sponsorship opportunities for brands looking to engage with communicators from across Europe and the Middle East at EuroComm.

Speakers and pricing will be announced soon, with discounted rates offered not only to IABC members but to those of other regional communication groups as well.

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