Get ready for a very special IABC 2018

A note to members from the 2017-18 IABC EMENA Region Chair

Dear fellow IABCers

Firstly, I want to wish you all a very special 2018. The past 12 months has been remarkable for so many reasons. It hasn’t always been easy, but myself, the EMENA board and your national chapter leaders are determined to continue working to support you in your roles and development.

Before I look forward to what we have planned for 2018, I want to recap on the past couple of months and what we’ve been working towards within our EMENA framework of Engage, Develop and Grow.

Engage – We’ve wanted to ensure that we’re doing more events and activities which you as members can get involved in. This includes our free webinars as well as support for local events in our chapters in Switzerland and the UK. The UK has also held a CMP/SCMP examination this year. We’ve also partnered with exhibitions, forums and seminars, such as Dubai’s GEMAS Effies, to offer IABC members either free or discounted rates. We’ve also established a new EMENA board position, dedicated solely to our Members-At-Large.

Develop – Our aim is to share and promote knowledge amongst our EMENA members, as well as with other organizations who share similar interests and passions. Our focus has gone beyond online training and examinations to include making agreements with associations such as the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), the Danish K1 national communication association, and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. The aim has been to allow access for you, our members, to activities, insights and knowledge that will further allow you to grow.

Grow – We want to grow the region, and, even more importantly, grow your skills as communicators. Events such as EuroComm in London have helped to promote new membership, and tap into subjects that the industry wants to know more about. We’re also working with partners like VMA to develop research that will provide new insights into our work as communicators and the strategic role that we should be playing as advisors. The impact of EuroComm and the good work that the UK board is undertaking shone through in October Member Month; our UK chapter experienced the highest growth in membership of any large chapter globally.

What’s in store for 2018?

#EuroComm18 – Our EMENA signature event will be held in the beautiful city of Copenhagen this year, on April 9 and 10. The format will be unique, including one day of seminars and talks, followed by a one day Open Space event. The theme will be dedicated to issues that impact us all – “Communication, Technology and Participation” – and will bring together not only communicators but also participants from the technology, startup, and public sectors as well. If you’d like to know more and get involved, please drop Mike Klein, the EMENA region Vice-Chair, a note at [email protected].

Corporate Membership – We will have a new corporate membership model in place, which will offer organizations a host of add-ons, including access to IABC Academy courses, fee waivers for examinations, and the ability to contribute to global research projects. The value that will be on offer through this new IABC corporate membership model will be unparalleled. And I believe it’ll help our region grow even faster.

Online Community Launch – In the coming months, IABC will be launching a private online community to provide a place for members to quickly connect and share ideas. This new online community platform can become a model for launching new Centers of Excellence in various communication specialties, either globally or specifically for the EMENA region.

Last words

There’s so much to look forward to for the IABC family in EMENA during 2018. I’m especially grateful to the EMENA board and national board volunteers who are giving their time and energy to make things happen for all of us. As always, I want to hear your opinions. What do you want us to do, and how can we add value to what you do and how you want to develop as a communicator?

Alex Malouf

Please do reach out to me at [email protected]. In the meantime, have a wonderful New Year. I hope to see you soon.

Yours, Alex
IABC EMENA Chair 2017-18

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