EuroComm18 Interviews: ReputationInc’s Dennis Larsen on futureproofing your communications function

We’re delighted to be joined at EuroComm18 by Dennis Larsen, Managing Partner Nordics, for ReputationInc. Dennis will be talking about how the convergence of new communications, technology and new ways of engaging has altered dramatically the communications function.

He’ll guide us on how we can futureproof communications based on his own research and engagement with over 50 communication directors over the past year, so that we have a better understanding of the forces shaping the function of the future and the rapidly changing requirements of the communication profession. Below is a glimpse into what Dennis will be talking about at EuroComm18. If you’d like to attend his talk on the 9th of April at Copenhagen University, you can purchase your tickets here.

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and your background?

Dennis: I’ve had the pleasure of working as a consultant to leaders and organisations for 18 years now. I trained first as an economist and later realized the corporate communication field was more my cup of tea, so enrolled in an executive masters course in corporate communications at Rotterdam School of Management and worked there with leading academics in the field. I still teach regularly at various business schools to keep learning and keep me on my toes! Having gone back to my roots in Norway, after some great years in London and Rotterdam, I now enjoy partnering with a great variety of clients internationally to unlock enhanced value through reputation management and corporate communication.

Q: Can you give us an insight into your talk at EuroComm18?

Dennis: With so much happening now in our field and the intensification of pressures and opportunities faced by corporate communication functions, it’s timely to focus on what the function of the future looks like. I’ll be sharing insights from peers across the region from a wide range of industries to stimulate a good discussion on what can be done now to shape up the function to make it even more relevant, resilient and effective in light of current pressures and emerging trends. We’ll be covering everything from strategy and KPIS to structure, governance, capability, technology and engagement.

Q: What do you hope delegates will take away from your talk?

Dennis: Although there is no overall ‘best in class’ model that fits every communication function, I expect delegates will leave inspired from their peers and our best practice study to start to make changes towards an enhanced approach in corporate communication that fits their reality. We hope everyone will take away some ‘golden nuggets’ they can readily apply on their own journey to greater success.

Q: What else are you looking forward to at EuroComm?

Dennis: I am very much looking forward to engaging with attendees and learning how they are making a difference to their organisations and wider society through innovative approaches to corporate communication. I am also very much looking forward to listening to the other speakers in your impressive line-up and the Open Space day on the 10th April.

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