EuroComm18 Interviews: Denmark’s Astrid Haug on a future of Communication & Technology

At EuroComm18, much of the discussion will be about how to balance technology with traditional communications. For this reason, we’re excited about hosting Astrid Haug, one of Denmark’s leading digital and social media experts. Astrid will be sharing her views on the future of our function, and speaking about how we can combine both online and offline approaches whilst keeping sight of our larger goals. She’ll share her experiences on how you can successfully use new technologies to strengthen your business, and communicate your way to a successful digital transformation.

Below is a taster of what Astrid will be talking about at EuroComm18. If you’d like to attend her talk on the 9th of April at Copenhagen University, you can purchase your tickets here.

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and your background?

Astrid: I have had my own agency, Astrid Haug Bureau, where we help companies and organisations with digital transformation – often focusing on social media, employee advocacy or organisational innovation.
I have a political background, dating back to 2004, when I was a volunteer campaign worker at John Kerry’s presidential campaign, in New York. That got me hooked on politics, and I went back to Copenhagen to work at the Danish Parliament. I have also worked as community manager at Berlingske, the oldest newspaper in the world. Since 2009, I have written four books about social media and digital transformation (in Danish, one of them is translated into English). I also do board work, as of now I am member of four different boards, where I get to focus on digital business transformation.

Q: What are you speaking about at EuroComm18?

Astrid: The role of communication is constantly changing and in these year faster than ever before. As everything turns into communication, as we move towards AI, chatbots, augmented reality, IoT and voice controlled tech, we need to redefine the role of communication. On the one side, you have to embrace new technology if you want to bring your company forward, and combine long-term strategy with real-time data, and keep a customer-centric approach. On the other hand, technology doesn’t solve our core problems, so we have to find the right balance. As most communicators have a humanistic approach, their approach to how we deal with new technology is very valuable. We have a big responsibility – just because we can do something doesn’t mean we have to.

Q: What do you hope delegates will take away from your talk?

Astrid: I hope I can bring a new perspective on how communication will change in the years to come, and inspire the delegates to keep challenging the way we do corporate communication.

Q: What else are you looking forward to at EuroComm18?

Astrid: Meeting new people from around Europe who are also passionate about the role communication plays in today’s businesses and organisations, and to get inspiration for my work as consultant and author.

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