EuroComm18 Podcasts: Mark Drewell on Meaning as an emergent mega-trend

We’re delighted to be joined by Mark Drewell at this year’s EuroComm. A senior partner at the ForeSight Group and the former CEO of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative, Mark Drewell is a thought leader and practitioner at the interface between business and society.

Mark’s presentation is on a topic that concerns all communicators and organizational leaders; he will be speaking about “meaning as an emergent mega-trend – reshaping how we shop, work, invest and run our organisations.”

In this podcast, Mark shares his thoughts on the communication consequences of the rise of the Meaningful Economy, and how he will seek to help us better understand where and how value is being created in the economic system and what this means for how we engage with stakeholders.

Enjoy the listen, and see Mark and other speakers at EuroComm18 on the 9th and 10th of April in Copenhagen. For more information about tickets, please visit here.

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