EuroComm18 Podcasts: Chuck Gose on Mind Matters: cognitive bias and communication

One of the leading advocates of internal communications, we are delighted that Chuck Gose will attend and speak at EuroComm18. Chuck will be talking about how to capture the attention of an audience in his discussion, entitled “The Mind Matters: cognitive bias and communication.”

During his session, Chuck will discuss several of these cognitive biases that communicators need to understand. Because cognitive biases don’t just impact how we receive communication but how we deliver it as well. It’s the perfect crossroad of communication and neuroscience.

In this podcast Chuck shares insights on his presentation, as well as what he is looking forward to at EuroComm18.

Enjoy the listen, and see Chuck and other speakers at EuroComm18 on the 9th and 10th of April in Copenhagen. For more information about tickets, please visit here.

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