EuroComm18 Podcasts: Louise Wadman on Changing Culture – A three-year journey in three simple steps

Louise Wadman, the Head of Group Corporate Affairs Creative, Lloyds Banking Group, will be sharing her unique insights into change communications at this year’s EuroComm18.

In a special workshop on the 10th April, Louise will share her story of how, over three years, she curated a communication strategy to drive one of the largest cultural changes in Lloyds Bank. Impacting 10,000 employees in hundreds of locations, her strategy had to be highly participative, radically different and very authentic.

Listen to a special podcast where Louise shares tidbits into this workshop. Join her on the 10th of April in Copenhagen for an interactive, behind-the-scenes workshop to understand how she and her team mobilized 1,700 Brand Builders, used collaborative technology to run their first ever Great Debate and what their learned on the way.

Enjoy the listen, and see Louise and other speakers at EuroComm18 on the 9th and 10th of April in Copenhagen. For more information about tickets, please visit here.

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