EuroComm18 Podcasts: Sheila Parry on People vs. the Organisation and why they both have to win

We have the honor of hosting one of the region’s leading experts in internal communications at EuroComm. Sheila Parry will be talking about “People vs. the Organisation and why they both have to win.”

Sheila’s presentation will make the audience think differently about organisational dynamics and the role of the individual, turning employees from audiences to participants, receivers to activists. The audience will be given a new thoughtful but pragmatic approach to drive employee performance and pride, based on five factors that are universally relevant in 21st Century organisations and to people who work in them.

During her session, Sheila will provide a practical framework – named PRIDE – to take back to their leaders to create and sustain employee engagement, based on creating Purpose, earning Reputation, delivering Integrity, setting Direction and fuelling Energy. In this podcast Sheila shares insights into this model and what she’s looking forward to at EuroComm18.

Enjoy the listen, and see Sheila and other speakers at EuroComm18 on the 9th and 10th of April in Copenhagen. For more information about tickets, please visit here.

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