EuroComm18 Interviews: Jasna Suhadolc asks “Why aren’t you using chatbots yet?”

To many of us in IABC EMENA, Jasna Suhadolc needs no introduction. The Managing Director of Virtua PR, Jasna Suhadolc has established herself as one of the leading voices when it comes to communications in the B2B space. She’s also an advocate for technology. Jasna will be speaking about one tech innovation that many of us have heard about, but few are making use of. Her presentation is entitled, “Why aren’t you using chatbots yet?”

We caught up with Jasna to ask her about what she’s planning for EuroComm18. To learn more about the agenda and book your tickets, visit our EuroComm18 event page.

Q: Tell us about yourself?

Jasna: I’m an inbound marketing strategist based in Slovenia, where I run a digital agency called VirtuaPR. We help clients all over Europe with the strategy and implementation of inbound marketing, focusing on lead generation and nurturing. I’ve been a long time IABC member and I’ve served several years as the president of the Slovenian chapter and now it’s my third year on the board of IABC EMENA.

Q: What are you presenting at EuroComm18?

Jasna: I love technology and in this presentation, I’ll focus on the rise of chatbots. Brands have started embracing chat as a native form of communication on mobile phones and they also started using chatbots, which are computer programs that automate certain tasks while chatting with a user. According to Gartner chatbots will power 85% of all customer service interactions by the year 2020.

Conversational marketing means we are changing the way we are communicating with customers. Instead of pushing the content we are actively participating in answering the real questions the customers have. In a world where users download on average less then 1 mobile app per month having a chatbot allows brands to meet the users where they already are. We can use chatbots as a part of our conversation and it’s not limited to just the brand’s website, we can have those conversations also on other platforms like Facebook Messenger, which currently has 1,3 billion users.

We’ll look at different chatbots used for service, subscriptions, support and sales. A recent HubSpot report showed that 71% of people are willing to use messaging apps to get customer assistance as many want their problem solved fast. Chatbots also have the potential to be important tools for consumer discovery.

We’ll also cover some of the most popular tools that allow you to build your own chatbot in a very short time. Some are still quite primitive, and you don’t want to confuse the users they are talking to a real human as it will feel very strange or as one user pointed out “like a conversation with a stupid human”. Brands want to make sure that the fact the user is talking to a bot is clear and a potential transition to a sales (or support) employee is as seamless as possible.

Q: What will be the key takeaways for your audience.

Jasna: Marketers and communicators need to follow closely the technology landscape and learn to use the technology to achive marketing goals and objectives. The main takeways are:

1. Why now is the time to learn about chatbots and its benefits (i.e. impressive engagement rates!)

2. What are some of the negative aspects we need to be mindful of

3. What are some of the best practices in using chatbots

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