FREE webinar: Align your teams and improve business results

22 May at 1pm CET

People don’t achieve great results, teams do. But what gets in the way of great strategy implementation how people naturally see things differently, especially in complex work environments. Misunderstandings, assumptions, interpretations, information gaps, biases: unmanaged, these can lead to misalignment and conflicting decisions and actions, poor performance, frustration, and wasted time and money.  All too often, teams can wallow around in a state of unnecessary misalignment that easily goes unnoticed, and fail to take a step back to get a better shared current reality.

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  • About the latest research on team alignment and how it improves team performance
  • How to improve Team Alignment within your organization
  • How to fast track the journey to team alignment with the Mirror Mirror process.

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Guest speaker Lindsay Uittenbogaard is a Founder and Principal Consultant of the Mirror Mirror team alignment process.  She started her career managing small businesses before spending 15 years in employee communication roles with multinational organisations in the energy, IT, and telecommunications industries. It was the difference between micro and macro working environments that sparked an insatiable curiosity in how people perceive things differently and the profound implication of that on business performance. 

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