New Corporate Membership program launched

We’re proud to announce IABC has launched a new Corporate Membership program. Based on the work and recommendations of the IABC Membership Task Force, the new program shifts IABC Corporate Membership away from a simple group discount model and instead positions IABC as a strategic partner in enhancing organizational communication effectiveness to drive business results.
The new program offers three program levels and provides members with an expanded suite of benefits, including many IABC programs and opportunities that carried additional costs under the previous corporate membership program.
A flexible transition period has been established for current corporate member organizations. Two options for corporate membership renewal will be offered for the next year: converting to one of the new program packages or renewing for one more year under the old program structure.
Would you like to see your company provide the resources of a new IABC Corporate Membership to their communication team? Resources to help you make the case are available at

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