Are you heading to EMENA Leadership Institute this September? It’s in Vilnius, and it’s free for IABCers!

It’s that time of year! EMENA Leadership Institute is almost here. Join us for the 2018 IABC EMENA Leadership Institute, a must-attend event for senior communicators and business leaders. The Leadership Institute is the place where businesses and communicators come together to help shape the upcoming year of developing the region’s communications landscape.

You will take part in:
• IABC EMENA strategic planning for 2017-2020
• Workshops and roundtable discussions that will help shape the future of the communications profession.
• An international speakers event where we’ll discuss topics like: influence in communications, what the gaming industry can teach us about communications, and how we can use technology such as chatbots to enhance engagement.

The Location – Vilnius, Lithuania

The event is taking place in Vilnius, recently called the “G-Spot of Europe” – you may not know where it is, but once you find it, it’s amazing! Lithuania is in the geographical centre of Europe, and is on the crossroads between Nordics, East, and West. Lithuania is also the home of media companies like Bored Panda and is moving towards becoming the hub of the emerging Fintech industry.

Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, is especially atmospheric, and its Old Town is one of the largest and best preserved in Europe. Vilnius is a varied and cosmopolitan city where you can fly in a hot air balloon right over the rooftops, participate in rally car driving, get cozy in charming local coffee shops/book stores, or go shopping, for everything from designer clothes to local amber and linen products.

Attendance Fees

The Leadership Institute is free of charge for all IABC members (yes, we said free).  All you have to pay for is your flight and stay-over.

For non-IABC members, your attendance is free if you also bring your manager to the event.

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Do you have any questions? If yes, contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] for more information on the location, the agenda, and what we’ll be up to!

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