Do you want to make a difference to the profession? Stand for the 19-20 EMENA Board!

It’s that time of year when we reach out to you, our members across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, to ask if you have the passion and the time to be able to give back to the profession. Are you committed to make a difference to communicators across the region. If the answer is yes, why not stand for a position on the 19-20 EMENA Board?

We are looking to fill a number of roles, including a Vice Chair, who will serve a three-year term (one year as Vice Chair, one year as Chair and one year as Past Chair), as well as multiple Director positions, which are one-year terms.

Applicants must be IABC members in good standing and should be prepared to work closely with IABC Chapters and Members at Large across the region to enhance the member experience. The deadline for applications is  May 19. You can find out more below: including the application form and further application details.

Serving in a leadership role not only benefits our members; it also benefits those who are brave enough to make this promise. If you have questions, reach out to current or past board members who’ll be able to tell you how they’ve benefited from their volunteering on the EMENA Board.

2019-20 Board Nominations info pack


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