Allan Jenkins – a continuing source of IABC inspiration

By Mike Klein, Chair, IABC EMENA

It has been said by many of my peers in other associations that IABC is far more like a tribe and a family than the usual professional group. That is true indeed for me. And one of the main reasons for this is Allan Jenkins, who is now in hospice in South Carolina.

Allan was a fellow member of the IABC EMENA board when I first joined in 2007. He was at the time a fellow US expat of mine, living in Denmark, while I had arrived in Holland earlier that year, and he welcomed me enthusiastically.

Allan is a passionate guy – a communicator’s communicator whose Desirable Roasted Coffee Blog was an inspiration to my long-since-subsumed by-Facebook personal blogging activities.  But for many years there were few things Allan was more passionate about than IABC and above all, the IABC tribe. He involved himself as a Board member at the international level and in the EMENA region with great intensity – an intensity that was often so infectious, one wanted to be on his side regardless of what the issue was.

It is true that Allan and IABC moved in different directions at a certain point, and he and I didn’t always see eye to eye.  But Allan’s passion, humor and intensity, and the friends he introduced me to, remain a huge part of my IABC experience. Indeed, it is rare that I think of IABC without Allan being in my mind’s eye somewhere.

Please keep him in your thoughts.

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