Inclusion and Gender Webinar

Oct. 29, 2020: The role of the facilitator of a webinar is to keep everything moving along smoothly and ensure that members of the panel have probing questions to respond to and that the audience members have an opportunity to ask questions and raise issues for consideration.  Today I had the privilege of facilitating the first webinar in IABC EMENA‚Äôs inclusion series. Panel members were Ann-Marie Blake from London, Alex Malouf from the UAE, and Dr. Ana Adi from Berlin. I am pleased to share a link to the recording of the webinar here.

The webinar focused on inclusion from a gender perspective, particularly how women are affected in their careers generally and in the communication field specifically. These issues have been researched and talked about for decades and the panel shared their views on this issue and broader aspects of inclusion.

The panel reflected on the meaning of inclusion, agreeing that organizations should reflect society and be inclusive in order to provide access to opportunities and remove barriers. The panel shared their personal stories and perspectives and engaged in a lively discussion on gender equality, which affects both men and women. Topics included the pay gap, re-entering the workforce after time off, helping organizations to be more flexible around life events, and providing training to improve negotiation and other skills. 

Some of the suggested solutions to improving gender equality included mentoring, better networking, more role models, and challenging biases and stereotypes. The panel agreed that professional communicators have an important role to play in bringing about change in attitudes and behaviors both in the workplace and in society. 

The second webinar in this series will take place early in 2021. I am already looking forward to another interesting and insightful discussion. 

Gloria Walker, ABC

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