Mentoring for Communicators: Why We All Benefit

As part of IABC’s work to develop strategic communicators, we’re looking at the role that mentoring can play. Mentoring (and reverse mentoring) can make a difference at all career stages. And it can make a difference at all ages.

In 2018, the International Executive Board (IEB) established a Task Force to explore current programs and better understand mentoring opportunities for IABC chapters. This Task Force sought to map and share existing good practice from chapters and regions, explore what a Theory of Change for mentoring at IABC should look like and create a framework that includes defining what is a mentor or mentee + types of mentorship.

Two of the Task Force members will join us to discuss how we can put mentoring into practice across EMENA. Drawing on their findings and the information set out in the IABC mentoring chapter toolkit, Michael Ambjorn and Michael Nord will show you how to make mentoring work for you and your chapter.

Presenters/Michael Ambjorn and Michael Nord

Michael Ambjorn is the Chair of IABC’s Mentoring Task Force, and an SCMP. He provides 1:1 advice to Chairs, Chief Executives, and senior leaders on strategy, change and turnarounds. He is particularly interested in how strategic alignment can focus people– enabling renewal and growth. With his colleagues at AlignYour.Org, he facilitates strategy for organizations that want to enable all their people to put a shoulder to the wheel.

Michael Nord is Client Partnership Director at The Fifth Business and a long-term IABCer who has served both on the EMENA and IEB boards. A SCMP-qualified professional who has worked in marcomms for over 25 years, Michael has advised C-suite business leaders in energy, B2B and B2C, as well as enabled technical and HR leaders to engage staff in small and large organisations.

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Date: 17 April 2019
Time: 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. GMT

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