Will the receding internal-external wall expand IC’s horizons?

  IABC EMENA Region Vice Chair Mike Klein debates the fine line that divides the internal and external communication disciplines and audience in our latest Board Blog.   One of the perennially hot topics in the world of internal communication involves the extent to which it is converging with external communication. Indeed, there is a […]

Looking back on 2016-17

It was a good year for the IABC EMENA Region. We regained a solid financial footing by reducing costs, grew our social media following through a regular cadence of communication, reviewed our dues structure, and launched new initiatives that will keep our region moving forward, assist our constituent chapters, and add value for our members. During […]

Know thyself: What communicators are and aren’t

In our latest board blog, IABC EMENA board member Nada Haddad tackles the tricky area of communicators frequently being expected to be a jack-of-all-trades. But does the fault lie with us? During my experience as an independent brand and communications specialist, I have often been approached by international organizations looking for a trainer who can double up as a communicator. Some job […]

When communicators become facilitators

No one believes what the CEO is saying. No one cares what the executive committee is doing. Employee engagement has never been so low. And yet, many corporate communicators are still churning out messages and creating content that no one notices or cares about. Read more in this Board Blog by Kasha Dougall … Fascinating conversations take place […]

Top tips for practicing Communications in the Gulf

The Gulf – and in particular Doha, Dubai and Riyadh – have been popular destinations for communications professionals from across Europe, including many IABC members, as IABC EMENA Region Vice Chair Alex Malouf explains in our latest Board Blog.   While the Gulf is often sold as an appealing destination (think no direct taxes, year-round sunshine, and pristine beaches), there’s […]

The communicator’s case for “working for free”

Our latest ‘Board Blog’, by EMENA Region board director Mike Klein   I don’t tend to disagree that much with my father, these days at least. We hold similar political views, and my dad has even adopted my beloved English football (soccer) team, Tottenham Hotspur, as his own. But one long-time point of disagreement is […]

‘No’ to DIY in communications

Let a professional communicator do the job for you, says Nada Haddad in our latest EMENA Board blog.   I started my career in communications in the Middle East some twenty years ago working for multinationals and eventually founded my own boutique agency in 2013. Over the years, I observed how the concept of communications […]

Ramadan and the impact of Social Media

In our latest board blog, IABC EMENA Board member Alex Malouf takes a look at how social media has become a key tool for 1.5 billion people during the holy month of Ramadan. As many of you may know, we’re currently only days into the holiest month of the year for Islam and Muslims. Over a billion and a […]

An introspective look at Communications

Can passion alone change how others view the comms industry? In our latest board blog, IABC EMENA board member Jennifer Olsen talks (passionately) about what she thinks we can do to improve perceptions of the communications industry.   I see gaps in how we are perceived as professionals in the communications field. How many sessions have […]

Ponderings of a Communications lecturer

The future is a funny thing … when you least expect it, it’s already there, says Ilze Raath in our latest IABC EMENA Region Board Blog. Sometimes the future is upon you while you are still in the process of preparing for it. The start of an academic year marks new beginnings, promising visions of a […]

On UK leaders in the EU playground

  EMENA Board Member Jane Mitchell ponders the impact of “Brexit” from a change and ethical leadership communicator’s point of view in our latest Board Blog.   “Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.” – Albert Einstein On the day that the UK opens the […]

Crossed lines: finding fun in international communication

The challenges of cross-cultural communication have never been greater. Businesses are discovering its importance – not just because of increased globalization, but also because their domestic workforces are becoming more diverse, ethnically and culturally. This poses a particular challenge for those of us who work in communication, as Jennifer Olson has discovered first-hand. English is […]

The CEO’s top advisor: It’s now or never

The demand for dialogue between companies and their stakeholders gives communicators an unique opportunity. But the time is now, says IABC EMENA Region Board Chair Klavs Valskov, in our latest Board Blog. Communications professionals have for years, if not decades, talked about being the strategic advisor for executive boards. In the aftermath of the global […]

Legacy and lessons: what being an IABC member has given me

March is Member Month at IABC. If ever you needed a reason to join the IABC, read this very personal insight about its value, by IABC EMENA Region Board Blog by Ilze Raath.  When I first moved to Belgium 18 years ago, I knew exactly one person: my professor at the university.  For all intents and purposes, I […]

Tolerance, understanding, care and courage – the foundations of our world

In the wake of awful terror attacks in Brussels this week, long-standing IABC board member Jane Mitchell shares, in our latest Board Blog, her reflections on the role communicators can, and must, play in encouraging a values-driven culture. I am sitting in a coffee shop in Prague, as an English woman, born in Ireland, the day after the so-called islamic state have destroyed […]

PR in a Digital Era

A lot has changed since many of us first embarked on a career in communications. In our latest IABC EMENA board blog, Jasna Suhadolc takes a look at how technology has influenced how we work. 1995. I am a young student in a research agency helping my boss get a new study published in the media. […]

Leadership insights and lightbulb moments

IABC leaders exhibit all the traits of “trusted strategic advisers”, says Nikki Edwards, who joined more than 140 of them at the International Leadership Institute in Long Beach, California earlier this month. I’ve recently noticed increasing reference to corporate communications practitioners needing to be trusted or strategic advisors to their business leaders. In fact, in a recent “State […]

Executives should be online: five reasons to start a corporate blog

Blogging is becoming an increasingly popular tool and your executives should be online, says Alex Malouf. There’s no doubt about it, blogging is huge. On blogging platform WordPress over 409 million people view more than 20.6 billion pages each month. There’s even more blogs on the Tumblr (275.1 million blogs and 127.9 billion posts as […]

B2B branding from the inside

How a B2B company brands itself is crucial to its success in today’s image-conscious world, says Klavs Valskov. Who are your customers? What are they looking for? What do you do differently, or better than your competitors? And does your staff know how to deliver your brand promise? Purchasing decisions in business-to-business (B2B) industries are […]

Networking is key to your personal success

Whether you are considering a career change or looking for new business, networking is key to your success, be it attending conferences or events, or taking part in group discussions on social media. Showing yourself as part of the discussion and the socialising is what can help you further your business opportunities, says Michael Nord. […]