Communication Breakthrough

We all experience ‘lightbulb’ moments of insight or inspiration that shape how we think and work. Sometimes, they are defining moments in our careers. In the IABC EMENA Communication Breakthrough series, our members share their stories in the hope they will inspire your own journey.

"It was empowering to be able to use my knowledge in a new setting and on a new level, and see that neither my age nor the number of years of corporate employment had any effect on the value of my contribution."

Caroline Sapriel
Crisis communication specialist


"Thanks to this experience, I am now better able counsel my clients to work with the media and build and sustain trust – even during the toughest of circumstances."

Evgenia Starkova
Independent strategic communications consultant


"Having a common vision for the project and alignment around the vision for the project, we were able to harness the energy and enthusiasm for communication in a very decentralised way."

Neil Griffiths
Corporate communications specialist



"I found that by applying insight and methodologies from marketing, I could help my clients understand that internal and external brand experiences can be aligned — and ensure we iterate consistent messages across the board."

Michael Nord
Internal communications consultant


"I cannot emphasise enough the importance of being prepared for a crisis with the right tools and processes in place and active training. You cannot prepare for every possible scenario, but this is an important muscle to exercise and prepares you to communicate with agility and efficiency."

Philip Lewin
Corporate communications professional


"Exceptional listening skills are rare in the world of business. Remain curious and open-minded. You never become too experienced or knowledgeable to learn something new."

Katie Macaulay
Employee communications agency MD



"No matter the organisation, its size or shape, each and every employee does care. They have opinions and views, and they will share these views when they feel valued."

Alex Malouf
Corporate communication manager


"Demonstrate strategic thinking and use communications to lead — rather than simply support — what the business needs."

Andrew Morrison
Interim corporate communications director


"Convincing communications professionals and senior leaders about the importance of serious, strategic internal communication is difficult. It is often counter-intuitive, hard to measure, and not always visible. And so the temptation is to focus on what is visible on the surface: quantity, speed, visuals."

Mike Klein
Internal communications strategist


"Having such a strong core story, we were then able to find the right supporting messages that would resonate with each major stakeholder group. By the time we were finished designing the event, it pulled together beautifully."

Steve Seager
Digital and strategic communication consultant


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