About IABC France

Founded in 2002, we are the French chapter of IABC, the only global professional association of business communicators. Our chapter is an opportunity to connect to international communicators, share global best practices, benefit from skills development programs, build local and international peer networks, receive professional industry certification, find new career ideas and support, personal growth and volunteer learning opportunities. We are about creating connections with like-minded professional communicators in the neighbourhood, in the EMENA region and across the world.

Who our members are
  • Over 70% have 10 to 20+ years of experience from diverse communication and marketing disciplines, mainly in strategic communication planning, marketing communication, employee communication, issues management and public relations
  • Almost half hold mid- to senior-level corporate positions, while another half are business owners, consultants and freelancers
  • More than half have a Masters degree from various communication and marketing related fields
  • Hailing from 29 nationalities, more than 80% speak two or more languages
What we do

We aim to help our members stay on top of their game at whatever stage of their careers as international business communicators. Our professional development programs are aligned with IABC Global Standards, creating opportunities for sharing organisational issues and best practices, gaining exposure and testing new content ideas, as well as learning about market trends and new skills through practical involvement and volunteering.

We do this by organizing seminars and interactive workshops in partnership with academic or industry organizations, and delivered by reputable speakers, local or international peer experts from our membership network. IABC France also features regular networking gatherings to welcome newcomers and for our community to connect on a social basis. Most of our events are free or are offered at a discounted rate for members. Non-members pay a small fee to participate.

Featured professional development topics have covered:

  • Thought Leadership Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Multi-Cultural Collaboration
  • Storytelling
  • Content Strategy
  • Personal Branding
  • Body Language in Communication
Like to join?

To reap the full range of membership benefits, simply sign up here. Still not sure? Then, get your feet wet by attending one of our upcoming events.