Energy in Connection: Minter Dial speaks to IABC France

We all have to-do lists as long as our arms. We have overflowing email inboxes, books and articles to read, people to call, meetings to attend, timelines to update, tweets to read and write, links to bookmark, and just tons of other stuff do to.

How can we ensure that all these daily actions, interactions and connections leave us feeling energized rather than drained? Motivated rather than distracted? Productive and purposeful rather than aimlessly busy?

Minter Dial at IABC France
Minter Dial speaks to IABC France

These are the three key messages I took away from Minter’s talk.

h3. Make it personal.

We need more personal moments, more emotions in the workplace to tap into positive energy. Music, for instance, activates all synapses in our brains, almost like warm-ups for creative thinking. On the other hand, lack of trust drains us.

Conversation can help overcome this lack of trust, and things like Facebook can allow for conversations…Digital connection is a good surrogate to real face-to-face connections. How did we meet? Did we meet on Twitter or at a party? Is it any different? Our online and physical connections are becoming more seamless…

Right now, most brands aren’t getting much return from Facebook because they’re focusing on the perfectly professional, the four p’s. But customers want something else: they want an experience, something that will make them feel special. But you can only allow this in the workplace if you allow it to get personal. Then you need to mind the gap between what is personal and what is private.

h3. Find the time for the digital pause.

Allocate the time you spend on your digital areas of interest. Allocate and limit time, and then turn it off…Use the pause to think strategically, to decide what _not_ to do…CEOs should spend 50% of their time just thinking.

We are in a world of additions – it’s all about ands, so how do we pare down if we don’t give it any thought? And ask yourself: how much free time do I need to manage the unexpected?

h3. Find your north.

Invest the time in where you want to go and who you want to be. Then it’s easier to figure out what you’re going to do. Your actions then contribute to where you want to go, which in turn, creates more energy.

Companies need their north, too. There are three main messages provided by corporations: commercial messages to clients and prospects; corporate messages to shareholders; and employee brand messages to potential recruits. If these messages are disconnected, it creates a problem for the employee in the middle. There’s a _décalage_ – if we don’t feel related to what we’re doing, it drags us down. Someone needs to take responsibility for alerting the CEO about these disconnected messages.

*And remember:* Go alone, you go faster; go together, you go further.

Minter has a lot more to say about his subject; his latest “blog post”: touches on many of the themes outlined here. Enjoy!

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