Businesswoman measures piechart

Metrics: the golden opportunity for communicators

By Kasha Dougall, VP Membership, IABC France After attending 2 days of a fully packed conference, meeting as many of the hundred delegates as humanly possible and partaking in my first world café (a collaborative work session), I sat down to reflect on what key message I had learnt from this year’s two-day Eurocomm, set […]

Eurocomm 2016 in brief

Whether it’s the power of stories to bring people together or the untapped potential of the Internet of Things, the IABC EMENA regional conference embodied IABC’s strategic on making connections. A diverse panel of speakers from corporations, non-governmental organizations, international organizations and even the Dutch parliament covered a wide range of topics under the theme […]

Sophia Cheng

If not us, then who?

By Kristen Sukalac, VP Administration, IABC France At this networking event, Sophia Cheng, an IABC member originally based out of the UK chapter, shared her experiences preparing the “If Not Us Then Who?” event for the COP-21 climate change talks. The film project asks the question “Who is protecting our forests?” and answers the question […]

Gears where people are the cogs

9th October 2015 – Internal Communications Camp in Paris

By Kasha Dougall, VP Membership, IABC France As a specialist in external communications, I was fortunate enough to be invited to represent IABC France at a conference solely dedicated to Internal Communications. The conference had a profound impact on me, as I suddenly realized, after all these years working externally, that in fact the most […]


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