New Intranet Strategy report released

IABC member Audrey Scarff has written the essential guide to Intranet Strategy and Governance, drawing heavily on real world examples from BT, British American Tobacco, McDonald’s, IBM, the Cancer Council, Qantas Jetstar and Churchill Capital . She shares valuable resources and tips for your next intranet project including: Understanding the […]

From the Regional Director

Dear members, The new board of directors for the IABC Europe & Middle East Region has begun their year in office. I am honoured to have such a capable and enthusiastic board working with me this year. The regional board: Chair/Regional Director – Gloria Walker, ABC; Vice Chair – Marc […]

In Search of the Authentic Voice

We are living in a time when confidence in leadership is lower than a Dachshund’s belly; we distrust our politicians, we distrust our bankers, and we distrust the bureaucrats who regulate them. But as the spectre of joblessness looms, most of all we distrust our bosses as we wait for […]

42 Rules for Successful Collaboration

In David Coleman’s new book 42 Rules for Successful Collaboration, we wrote about creating the ideal collaborative environment. What works in a face-to-face environment is very different from what we find when we take those conversations online. Plus it differs between using synchronous communications (e.g where you chat together simultaneously […]

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