About IABC Slovenia

IABC Slovenia was established in 1993. It is part of the IABC international network of professional communicators and is organized as a chapter of the PRSS Association.

It provides its members and the wider community with insight and involvement in the latest and highest-quality global communication practice. Its members are up-to-date oriented with high professional standards in the field of communication.

The work of the Slovenian chapter, especially in the first decade of operation in the 1990s, was of great importance in the creation of the emerging Slovenian public relations profession. Certain actions strongly marked the path to professionalization in Slovenia – the development of expert knowledge, an outstanding measure of professional awards and examples for establishing their own professional awards. Over the years and under the flag of IABC, the Slovenian chapter held many thematic meetings, numerous kinds of educational events as well as professional articles and publications came about in partnership with their national and foreign experts. The Slovenian chapter is also recognised for numerous awards, where Slovenian communicators are awarded as examples of Gold Quill good practice. Thanks to the active operations of the chapter and its members, they have also been awarded other IABC awards and some articles have received ABC accreditation.

Today, the chapter is focussed on transferring knowledge to younger generations and communication in non-profit organisations with the Gift of Communication initiative (Komunikacijski zos).