Why Join IABC?

Membership in the IABC is an investment in a career development. IABC provides its members with everything they need for their professional development. It offers them networking with other business representatives and communicators at the regional and global level, permanent contact with the latest trends and best communication practices, new know-how by top experts, obtaining international professional accreditations, and rewarding of outstanding professional achievements.

Join the IABC and make a use of the benefits it offers you.

  • Access to knowledge and examples of good practice, awarded with the recognized Gold Quill on both a European and global level. As well as elements of excellent strategic communication, they are distinguished by style and custom, that are characteristic of our business, professional and cultural environment.
  • Networking opportunities with long-standing IABC Slovenia members.
  • Opportunity to co-design professional development in Slovenia as a member of the board or as one of the members of the project work of the chapter.
  • Assistance in preparing for the Global Communication Certification.
  • Assistance in preparing projects for the Gold Quill Award.


Type of membership, fees, payment methods

Several forms of membership are available to candidates:

  • Regular individual membership – available to all professional communicators in businesses, non-profit organizations, education, government and other organizations, consultants in agencies and independent consultants in the field of communications. Regular IABC Slovenia members are also regular IABC members. Each member is an individual member, even if their employer is paying the membership. If the member moves to another corporation, the membership remains intact until the end of the year for which the membership has been paid.

The annual membership fee for inclusion in IABC for Slovenian member is 282.00 USD.

  • Corporate membership – IABC gives a special discount for 5 or more members from the same organization. You can get more information on this type of membership by clicking on this link. If you would like to join and take advantage of corporate membership, then please contact: [email protected].
  • Student membership – valid for full-time students.

The student membership fee is 49 USD / 37 EUR.

  • Retiree membership – professional communicators, aged at least 55, who were members of IABC at least 5 years before they retired and would like to keep in touch with professionals and expert circles and institutes are entitled to special discounts. For the current price please contact the Member Relations department [email protected].


You can join via the website by clicking Join. If you want to renew your membership, click Renew.

For any questions regarding membership fees, please contact us at [email protected] or at the IABC headquarters ([email protected]).

Will you join us? Your membership is an investment in your professional development.