Why Join IABC?

Membership in the IABC is an investment in a career development. IABC provides its members with everything they need for their professional development. It offers them networking with other business representatives and communicators at the regional and global level, permanent contact with the latest trends and best communication practices, new know-how by top experts, obtaining international professional accreditations, and rewarding of outstanding professional achievements.

Join the IABC and make a use of the benefits it offers you.

  • Hundreds of cases of good practice, professional articles of the monthly online CW magazine.
  • Direct access to the opulent digital library as well as chapters and members worldwide.
  • New career opportunities, such as networking at the international level and the IABC New Job Database (Job Center).
  • Conferences and events dedicated to professional development, such as the three-day World Conference and Eurocomm Conference, permanent and current webinars.

Membership, payment

  • The annual membership fee in the IABC for Slovenian members amounts to USD 282.00. The membership fee for students is USD xxx. You can join or renew your membership online.

For all questions regarding membership fees, please contact us at [email protected].

Will you join us? Your membership is an investment in your professional development.