2014 Annual Report and 2015 Business Plan

2014 Annual Report

This is the first IABC Annual Report for some time. It reflects a renewed vigor for better communication with our members, with the profession we serve and with the business world across the globe.

In 2014, IABC successfully completed a three-year strategy focusing on three priorities:

1. Modernizing our professional content for the digital age
2. Making our headquarters operation more efficient
3. Overhauling our career development offering for communicators

Download the full IABC Annual Report (PDF)

2015 Business Plan

IABC International has now committed its 2015 Business Plan, which was agreed by the International Executive Board.

This is the first time for some years we have created a business plan, as well as simply a forward budget, and it has given a clear prioritised framework for IABC’s leaders and staff to operate within.

Business as Usual priorities:

  • 1. A programme to focus on retaining members
  • 2. Completing functionality of the new website to include chapter management tools and member enrolment
  • 3. Ensuring our ‘mature products’ (eg World Conference and the Gold Quill Awards) remain successful, both for members and in creating net revenue
  • 4. Significantly up rating our external communications.

Changing the Business priorities:

  • 1. Getting the Global Communications Certification Council and IABC Academy fully functional, delivering the first Certification exam, and launching a suite of training products.
  • 2. Creating a new plan for engaging with 1) communication practitioners worldwide, who are not, and who may not choose to become, IABC members (but who may benefit from the Association’s products and services while contributing to advance our mission) and 2) businesses – larger small, and smaller medium sized businesses who could benefit significantly from professional communication help they don’t yet ask for.
  • 3. Consulting on, then bringing into alignment, the different roles of the International, Regional and Chapter levels.

Anything not listed above is not a priority for 2015.

The Business Brokerage Proposal

The ‘business brokerage’ proposal aims to tap into what the Association believes is a potentially very large market, by dollar, of businesses who would greatly increase their profitability from using professional communications help, but don’t know it yet. This is even more likely to be the case now, following the effects of the global financial crisis, in which the marginal competitive value to be gained from engaging with better internal and external communication is likely to be magnified.

Around 20% of IABC’s members are those who consult into business on a regular basis. If, as an Association, we could broker our consultant-members with just a tiny proportion of those millions of small and medium sized businesses, then this could be a significant source of revenue for the Association by taking a commission fee from those businesses. It’s a potential win for our consultant members, a win for businesses, and a win for the Association.

In time, what this could also mean is that instead of dollars from chapters going to fund the global association, the money flows the other way round. And the Chapter Network is cross subsidised by the revenue we generate from our business brokerage activity.