Free Networking Event in Leeds

The IABC is hosting a free networking event in collaboration with Leeds University Business School.

Date: Wednesday 24th February 17:30-20:30

Place: Maurice Keyworth Building – University of Leeds. Moorland Road. Leeds LS6 1AN GB.

This event aims to help communicators establish new connections and gain knowledge. There will be a number of speakers from various industries and sectors. Here are the details on the speakers and topics confirmed so far:

  • Tim Hart, Principal at Grá Group – Reality bites: communicating by and for small business
  • Lesley Crook, Digital Transformation Adviser from Enterprise Strategies – Social networking business value in the workplace
  • Sarah Hakewill, Consultant at recruitment firm VMA – How to land a communications job
  • Ezri Carlebach, Senior Associate, PR Network and Visiting lecturer at the University of Greenwich – The four skills of the future communicator
  • Daniel Schraibman, Director, Serekinti – Lost in translation – the perils of international communications

In addition, we will be hosting our own IABC UK ‘rapido’, 5-minute-long sessions followed by questions and answers.

Thanks to the support of Leeds University, the event is completely free for both IABC and non-IABC members. Refreshments will also be provided.

Spaces are limited so we do still require you to book tickets here:

We look forward to seeing you there!

An Eye to the Future: Meeting of IABC Europe, Middle East and Africa chapters

IABC Basel Klavs

Every year, the IABC EMENA regional board and Chapter leaders come together for an extended regional leadership meeting to discuss, and align on, purpose and priorities for the coming year, as well as to share leadership insights. It’s called the EMENA Leadership Institute. This year’s Leadership Institute was hosted by Roche, an IABC corporate member in Tinguely Museum in Basel, Switzerland. IABC UK member Lesley Crook, shares her insights from Basel.


What do you get when you put 30 IABC leaders from across Europe, Middle East and North Africa in one room?


As Dianne Chase, IABCs Global Vice-Chair put it, we were all there to “keep an eye on the future. Stop talking to ourselves. Understand the value of communication outside of IABC. IABC has ‘special sauce’ and we operate with freedom within a framework and our beauty is our diversity”. Her statement signalled that a lot of change is coming for the organisation, building on the work started last year and looking into the future.

For me personally it was a great experience, as a new member of IABC and one of the most recent leaders. It was motivating to see how such a diverse group of talented individuals can come together and volunteer their time to ensure that communications can continue to be a force for good in the world.

Here are the key IABC developments coming our way in the year ahead:

The new IABC Certification exam

Last year the IABC launched the Communication Management Professional Certification, aimed at the generalist/specialist level communicator, as well as a mid-level stage in the communication professional’s development. The UK Chapter will host the first international exam on 9 April, 2016, in London.

The power of student members

Four impressive students from Fonty Uni, Nederlands shared their insights on their involvement with the IABC so far. They shared their views on the value of IABC for starting their careers and, in turn, showed us that it’s never too early to start developing those all-important leadership skills. These students will play a part in our events and experiences in the year ahead.

Eurocomm 2016 – coming to Rotterdam next April

The next Eurocomm conference will take place in Rotterdam’s Old Public Library on 18 and 19 April, 2016. Last year’s event brought together professionals from 29 different organizations under the theme of “Power to the People” and the theme for next year’s conference is in development. If you are wondering what insights and take-aways you can gain from  Eurocomm, Martin Gilbraith’s blog is a great place to start.


Lesley Crook helps organisations embrace the business value of enterprise business tools in her consultancy called Working Out Loud in a Network #wolan . Lesley is also a member of the IABC UK board.

How we as communicators can add most value to our business


As a corporate communication professional with experience in large multi-national organisations, I know too well the challenges global teams have in effectively rolling out corporate campaigns whether they are aiming to engage employees or consumers:

  • Maintaining brand consistency whilst tailoring the campaign for local markets
  • Not compromising key messages whilst translating into 20+ languages
  • Paying attention to cultural differences
  • Leveraging varying degrees of skills and resources across the organisation
  • Governance models with dotting lines which stretch your influencing skills
  • Competing with local business priorities and marketing campaigns
  • Delivering a global framework for measurement and evaluation

However, emerging digital and social media trends are enabling companies to overcome these challenges, adapt their approach to global campaigns, to innovate and be successful or to fall behind.

  • New technologies have paved the road for virtual team working, Enterprise Social Networks, advanced Content Management Systems allowing content (copy, images, multimedia) to be created once and delivered across multiple channels (website, email, mobile devices) and easier access to data via automated tools (analytics, social media listening, custom dashboards)
  • Governance models see the formation of Centres of Excellence cutting across functions and silos, lines blurring between internal and external communications, between marketing and communications with business and corporate communicators developing new digital and journalism skills due to increased knowledge sharing, Champion Networks and virtual training opportunities.
  • Social media platforms foster collaboration and exchanges of ideas across work level, gender, age group and people come together united not just by work goals but by a common passion.
  • Trust has shifted from leaders and CEOs to friends and colleagues at work, people in our own network. The practice of “stealing with pride” a peer’s idea, campaign poster or report template is widely seen as smart, timesaving and cost-effective.

Here are three strategic insights to help you turn these digital trends into an advantage and innovate global campaign planning and execution.

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