4 Steps to Rebrand for Successful Career Change


Meet Casey Miller, mid-level manager who’s been in a career for more than 10 years. He called me because he was ready to make a career change, but wasn’t sure how to translate his skill set into the desired role. He discovered what many learn about themselves: He was pigeon-holed into a career but had greater aspirations, with no idea how to make the leap.

When Casey and I first spoke, he knew exactly what career he wanted to transition into, but was experiencing difficulty rebranding himself. He was not only making a career change, he was also changing industries and sectors. Wowee! That’s what I call a change trifecta!

If you’ve found yourself at a point where you may need to think about rebranding in preparation for a career change, are in the middle of a transition, or just need to freshen up your brand, follow the steps below to successfully reposition and transition.

1. Do a comprehensive career inventory

The career inventory is an exhaustive list of every milestone, achievement, award, honor, special recognition, publication, speaking engagement, degree, certification, and training spanning your entire career. That’s right, do what I call a data download. Get it all out of your head and into a spreadsheet or document, then save it and back it up. As you do this–and it will take some time– read through the compilation and identify recurring themes and patterns of skill sets and achievements. This will help you with your career story.
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