Be Your Own Best Friend – Mental Health Tips for Communicators

How can communications professionals look after their mental health? IABC UK&I recently hosted a panel of expert speakers to share practical tips and advice to help you, your colleagues and your audiences. We heard from…

  • Amy Charlotte KingCo-Founder, CEO at People Matter Technology Limited
  • Andy ElwoodOnline Mental Health First Aid trainer, speaker, and Community Ambassador for Movember
  • Dr. Varalakshmi SHead of the Department of Mass Media Jai Hind College, University of Mumbai
  • Tom CrawfordMental Health striver; Consultant & Founder at The Brain Miner; Hysterionics podcast

Screenshot of event attendees on Zoom

You can check out our future events here, and we’ll be uploading the event recording to our YouTube channel soon.

Thank you again to all our speakers and attendees for the great conversation during this recent event. We will be continuing the conversation with you on Twitter and LinkedIn. #IABCforMH


We’re also continuing the conversation with further tips from trainer, speaker and Movember Ambassador Andy Elwood, who wanted to share some advice with us on Being Your Own Best Friend.

Have you ever noticed how you talk to yourself in a way you’d never talk to your friends? 

Or how you’ll run around saying yes to everyone else, doing favours for others and putting their needs above your own?

Chances are, you’ve said yes to at least one of those questions. That’s because you’re human and most of us tend to behave that way. 

Here are Andy’s top tips for how to be your own best friend – you can read the full article here.

  1. Dare to press Pause
  2. Assess what’s in your stress container
  3. Five-a-day positive mental health
  4. RAIN technique for emotions: Recognise, Acknowledge, Investigate, Non-Identify.
  5. How to question unhelpful thinking habits


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