EuroComm – Day 2 Programme

Have you ever left a conference thinking ‘well that was all great, but I can’t apply any of that once I am back at work!’? Not at EuroComm…

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8.30 – Coffee & croissants

8.55 – Review and the day ahead

9.00 – Foundation of Liberty: Sir Robert Worcester, KBE, founder of MORI
One of the world’s most famous documents, Magna Carta is widely regarded as a potent symbol of the freedom of the individual. 2015 is the 800th anniversary of its sealing at Runnymede and, at that iconic place on June 15, Queen Elizabeth will be invited to sign a reaffirmation of its principles as part of the yearlong celebrations. Sir Robert explains why, as an American, on his first visit to England he went to gaze in awe at a copy of Magna Carta. He will look at the Charter’s genesis and its enduring importance and influence through subsequent centuries across the globe as part of his own inspiration to listen to the voices of the people.

9.30- Rapido
Ezri Carlebach, communications consultant & IABC EMENA Board Member, will be leading one of his now famous Rapido sessions, where conference delegates take to stage for short and punchy presentations on our Power to the People theme. The results will be sure to entertain!

10.10- Powering your communications
Two sessions sponsored by Newsweaver, helping thousands of organizations to transform how they communicate with innovative and powerful platforms for your employees, customers or prospects.

Bringing values alive: Andrew O’Shaughnessy, CEO Newsweaver
Bringing values alive in an organization can be a challenge. Andrew will explain how the Newsweaver values were created by employees, as opposed to being implemented top down. These values, truly owned by employees, are now a part of how they work as a company and the question ‘how does this fit with our values’ is on the question they ask before undertaking any new initiative.

Meeting the challenge of a diverse workforce: Victoria Stephenson, McCain Foods
As the world’s largest manufacturer of frozen potato products, McCain Foods has a communication challenge. The UK operations have a diverse workforce of nearly 2,000 – covering not only desk-based employees and factory floor workers, but also spanning multiple sites with teams of remote employees who are either on the road or in the potato fields. Finding effective channels to communicate and engage with all is a challenge for the team. Here, Victoria shares her experience of taking her printed newsletter online, utilizing mobile devices, personalized newsletters and QR codes to reach their workforce, whilst measuring the impact of their efforts.

11.00 – 11.45 – Breakout Session.
Choose from these two channels:

Channel C

The Power of Participation: Mike Klein, senior editor, VimpelCom
Mike will discuss the importance of how to influence in the effective use of internal communication, including a recent exercise his company conducted to identify key social influencers and ongoing efforts appropriately to engage influencers in change and communication activities. He will discuss his editorial role and how he prioritizes giving influencers sufficient content and context as opposed to emphasizing broader but shallower awareness.

New Ways to Deliver Value: Priyanka Rajkumar, Fifth Business
A talk about the people side of change: how to engage employees as the organisation transforms, and in the process creating an agile workforce that not only is resilient in the face of constant change, but one that actually thrives on proactively looking for new ways to deliver value and profitability to the business.

Channel D

The growing power of mobile apps: Jean-Paul Chapon, Société Générale
A computer programme designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices, mobile apps provide another valuable tool for business communicators to reach both internal and external audiences. Analysis of the quality of mobile apps for banking revealed a lack of more advanced, user-friendly features and content. However among the top-ranked banks for effective apps is Société Générale and in this session Jean-Paul will share his experience of introducing mobile apps for employees as part of a programme to develop and digitise communications both internally and externally.

The power of video: Phil Weiss, ZN
Phil will explore the impact of digital on election campaigns looking at the 2014 European elections, and show us how with the use of one video as part of an integrated strategy, a leading candidate was able to lead the agenda about a specific issue. His team worked on creating and promoting this video as part of the campaign for Junker.

11.45 – Coffee

12.00 – The power of social media
A conversation chaired by Marc Wright, chairman of the simplygroup and Past Chair of IABC EMENA. Marc has been following worldwide trends in Web 2.0 and setting the pace of social media in the UK. He is founder and publisher of, the website used by 18,000 communicators each month.

Re-Defining Today’s (Social) Communicator: Neville Hobson
The one constant in the contemporary business landscape is continuous change, an evolution of shifting sands where traditional behaviours and structures can seem barely recognizable when anyone can be a communicator. The professional communicator’s role is also evolving in the midst of such change – in the workplace, in stakeholder behaviours, and in the tools and channels of communication – that must start with listening, not talking.

Citizens, social media and the law: David Banks
The advent of social media platforms and cheap accessible technology puts the power of publication in everyone’s hands. The top-down model of media has been shattered. David will point out this has led to many conflicts within the law, and citizens, untrained in the myriad laws that apply to publishers, find themselves threatened with libel, contempt of court, copyright and privacy to name a few. Do we need a wide-ranging review of the law to take account of the shifting media landscape?

1.00 – Lunch

2.00 – Recharge your mind, body and phone
Throughout the two days come and chill out with Igloo in the hospitality room in the Upper Gallery where you can charge your phone, check your email and grab a snack between sessions, compliments of Igloo – an intranet you’ll actually like.

Essential steps for finding a successful intranet: Kimberly Thomson, John Lewis & Karen Hobart, Contexxt
In 2014, The John Lewis Partnership undertook the task of looking for a new intranet to improve employee communication and engagement. Karen will share her methodology for establishing a project plan, and tips for vendor evaluation, while Kimberly will discuss the key drivers for seeking a new solution, their defining milestones, and the success John Lewis has had to date.

2.40 – 3.45 – Have you ever left a conference thinking ‘well that was all great, but I can’t apply any of that once I am back at work!’? Not at EuroComm…

Building on the notes you have taken throughout the conference, we will end our time together in groups that will pool ideas and develop practical action plans to bring back to their organizations.

4.00 – Conference summary and close


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