How good governance is timeless and needed more now than ever

This year’s #EuroComm Conference – where some 800+ people piled in via the Twittersphere – coincided with the 800th year of the Magna Carta. It formed part of the Power to the People theme for the conference.

Michael delivered a #Rapido presentation From Magna Carta to #IABC1417 – via 1241

The 1200s were tumultuous years. Ghenghis Khan wreaked havoc from the East; the 4th through 7th Crusades wreaked havoc from the West. A couple points of light: The Magna Carta – and as we shall shortly see – the year 1241.

Now, what has that got to do with Ethics? Well, in times of change, we tend to turn to sources that are timeless to help guide us through complex decisions.

In other words, the Magna Carta is perceived as having a certain ethic to it. It transcends time. As does Jyske Lov (introduced in 1241). Unlike the Magna Carta, it was written in plain language and is therefore more accessible. To paraphrase a key point – and make it a direct call to action for modern boards and those who help them communicate:

The strategy must be honest, just, reasonable and according to the ways of the people. It must meet their needs and speak plainly, so that all may know and understand, what the strategy is.” Read the original.

For we live in tumultuous times too. Organisations are being disrupted like never before. Make sure what you say aligns with what you do – and that it is in a language everybody understands.

So as a society and as organisations, over the past 800 years we’ve increasingly turned to global standards to help guide how we operate and act.

At IABC, we’re setting the standard for the communications profession. This year, you can test your skills and knowledge against it through our new Global Communication Certification Programme.

Behind the scenes, IABC is also applying this standard of excellence to fulfil our purpose as a 21st century association. Whether working with the International Standards Organisation for our new certification or adopting good practice for how we manage operationally – we’re striving to improve IABC for our members, for the profession and for our staff.

Michael AmbjornMichael Ambjorn is founder of // Align Your Org,Vice Chair @IABC and Director-at-Large @NearDesk.
Follow him on Twitter: @michaelambjorn

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