How IABC membership can help students

In a globalized world where a career can be pursued anywhere, it is crucial for one to have a strong business network of like-minded professionals. As a student, starting a career in a very tough and competitive environment, connections are what sets one apart.

London is a city of opportunities but also one of competition. Finding the start to a career and building a unique network can be a tough task.

However, joining the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) as student member made all the difference for me.

Not only did I meet some potential employers, I was also given a chance to progress within the organization and build a name for myself. With hard work and determination to get recognized, IABC members elected me to be on the Board of the UK Chapter, the biggest IABC chapter outside North America.

With this experience and the connections I made as a student member of IABC, my fear of professional life (getting a job) disappeared and I was ready to step into a professional World well ahead of my fellow postgraduates.

My professional career broadened up significantly due to the connections I’ve made and I feel now that the world is my oyster.

Article written by Jovan Radakovic

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