How our mentoring programme works

The mentoring programme is available to IABC members only, so please Join IABC if you have not done so already.

Step 1- Request a mentor using our online form. We ask you to think about your reasons for applying, your career goals and objectives.

Step 2- The mentoring coordinator then reviews your request and based on your answers, will identify a potential mentor who matches your criteria.

Step 3- The mentoring coordinator will make the introduction via email between yourself and your mentor

Step 4 – An initial face-to-face meeting then takes place between mentor and mentee to agree the duration and frequency of sessions with detailed discussions of the aims and objectives the mentee has listed.

Step 5 – The mentee will inform the mentoring coordinator that he/she is happy to connect with the mentor and the duration and frequency of their meetings.

Step 6 – Upon completion of the agreed objectives, the mentor and mentee agree the end of the relationship and inform the mentoring coordinator.


We would very much like to hear your experience of being a mentor or mentee for IABC UK, please get in touch in Twitter via @iabcuk if you’d like to feature in an article or video.