IABC Leeds Improvisational Storytelling Event- Speaker Profile

Meet Paul Z Jackson, the master of improvisational storytelling and leading speaker at LUBSxIABC 2018 event.

“Stories feed us, sooth us and help us to remember ourselves and how we share knowledge, journeys and laughter. They happen around fires in homes, in performance. In the moment between one breath and another.

Sometimes, they just happen. People are amazing and it’s the best in us that the Storyteller seeks. As we see how amazing we can each be so our journey becomes clearer and we help others along the way” – this is how Paul Z Jackson defines the power and magic of storytelling.

Being one of the leading figures in application of improvisation in the UK and around the world, Paul brings out the best in people as a facilitator, coach, best-selling author and trainer of trainers and facilitators around the world. Paul is co-founder and President of the Applied Improvisation Network for over a decade, working on project design and implemntation, as well as workshops and training programmes that transform lives by developing collaborative skills. He is also director of leading change consultancy The Solutions Focus, on the accreditation team of the UK Association of Solution Focused Practice, and serves on the SOLworld steering group.

The Solutions Focus – Making Coaching and Change simple, rated as one of the Top 30 business books of the year in the USA, according to the critics is a must reading focusing on potential, affirmation and solutions, evolutionary yet practical alternative to conventional wisdom.

His other books include Positively Speaking – the art of constructive conversations with a solutions focus, Impro Learning58½ Ways To Improvise In Training, The Inspirational Trainer, The Resilience Pocketbook and Easy.

Paul as an inspirational consultant, coach and facilitator, draws on his experiences in journalism, comedy production and the BBC to design and deliver impactful, story-rich events that connect directly to the needs of the participants.

Audiences at conferences around the world and readers of his books benefit from his expertise in strategy, leadership, teamwork, creativity and innovation.

On April 25th, there will be an exclusive opportunity for communication practitioners to attend the interactive session on “Improvisational Storytelling” at Leeds University Business school.

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