We are looking for people with experience in communication in the arts, venue promotion, restaurant and fashion industries to mentor the next generation of communication professionals.  

If you work in these areas and would like to take your own professional development to the next level, you can do it by mentoring someone either in person or remotely. IABC UK will be running its next mentor training course soon, so if you’d like to be involved, please let us know and email us at: [email protected]

A tool to get to the top

Management experts and business leaders agree: being mentored and mentoring can be a key tool to get you to the top of your profession. As expressed by the Harvard Business Review “Done right, mentoring is one of the most powerful, efficient ways to learn and to move up.”[1]

Whether you are just starting out in your career, or are at senior level, a mentor can make a difference, drawing on their professional & life experience to advise and inspire you to achieve your ambition. This can range from building networks, developing or refining your career plan and professional skills.

What value can a mentor add to my career progression?

Mentoring is about you and not at all about the mentor.

The role of the mentor is to help you get new insights enabling you to learn and develop. But you must be willing and open to develop and learn about your self. It takes guts, persistence and commitment to listen and respond to feedback, especially when it’s opportunities for improvement.

But you’ll have the opportunity to change and improve your situation, attitude, energy and results.  You are the only one to decide if you are up for it and if you truly feel you are worth it. Take a moment to yourself to become aware of that feeling; is it hard?

Here’s a great article: What value can a professional coach can add to my career progression

Mentoring Programme – invest in your future

Since 2011, IABC UK’s mentoring programme has matched communicators who work across a variety industries. The IABC mentoring programme revolves around you, based on the objectives and ground rules you agree with your mentor.

Being a mentor                                                                   

Mentoring is not all one sided. Many IABC members who invest their time have found the opportunity to share their knowledge rewarding and learned more about themselves too! Tessa O’ Neill explains what being a mentor means for her:

What next?

If you are an IABC member and are ready to sign-up as a mentee, complete our Request a Mentor online form. We aim to get back to you within 2 working days.