Membership Month Profiles – Miguel Cortez

October is IABC membership month. In line with this, we have gathered insights from select IABC members on how the organization has helped them in their respective careers.

Mr. Miguel Cortez – International Student

Miguel Cortez is a Full Time Masters in Public Relations student at the London College of Communication (LCC).

Over the years, IABC UK has offered a mentoring program for students in select universities in the United Kingdom. LCC is one among a handful of institutions which the IABC has had a fruitful partnership with.  Through this, Miguel has managed to broaden his perspective and hone his communication skills through working closely with a variety of respected industry professionals. He is also a member of the 2017-2018 IABC UK Board of Directors.

“Working in communications for over a decade has helped me understand the value of establishing relationships with industry professionals at all levels.  IABC UK has helped my development through giving me access to networking opportunities and consultations with industry experts. This is vital both for students looking to kick start their careers, and students with more working experience who want to prepare themselves for more significant responsibilities.”

Miguel further shared that he has felt enriched by his involvement with the IABC, and that he feels more confident about reaching greater heights professionally, in the future.

“My IABC UK mentor and others in the organization have graciously shared their time and knowledge with me. IABC UK has made it possible for me to pair my scholastic experience as a postgraduate student with professional skills development through exposure to truly global industry perspectives. It’s been an amazing learning experience thus far. I now feel better equipped to face the challenges associated with taking on higher profile communication roles in the future. Furthermore, I now feel confident about being able to make a positive impact on society with my talents.”

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