New IABC mentors: Can’t wait to get started!

The IABC’s award-winning mentoring programme is one of the key benefits of membership in the UK and Ireland, offering members the chance to be matched with and mentored by experienced communications professionals. Business leaders agree: being mentored and mentoring can be a key tool to get you to the top of your profession. As expressed by the Harvard Business Review “Done right, mentoring is one of the most powerful, efficient ways to learn and to move up.”

This month, the creator of the IABC UK&I mentoring programme, Karen Drury, a qualified executive coach and communication professional, hosted a training session for new mentors. Before being accepted, all IABC mentors are required to take Karen’s course which provides in-depth knowledge of the principles, practicalities and relationship management skills needed to provide a successful mentoring experience. During the course mentors are observed ‘on the job’ by Karen, mentoring one another and receiving vital feedback on their approach.

One attendee described Karen’s session as exceptional and explained: “During the course I increased in confidence as a mentor and identified in what areas I can add most value for a mentee. I can’t wait to get started!”

Look out for our new mentors’ profiles appearing on the website soon. 

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