One year on – Crystle Pearce reflects on Women in Communications

Back in April 2020, IABC UK&I hosted our successful “Women in Communications” event, with five incredible speakers and over 50 guests discussing tips and practical advice on how to navigate a career in comms, with a particular focus on the challenges faced by women.

One year on, our speakers share their takeaways from the event, reflect on what has changed since then, and share an update on their work.


Crystle Pearce 


Volunteer of IABC UK & Ireland

Crystle is a specialist internal communications recruitment consultant at VMAGroup. With 7+ years recruitment experience across a number of different sectors, she will partner with you on your career journey. Crystle offers support from CV-formatting to answering those dreaded interview questions. 


 Book recommendations

  • Extreme You, by Sarah Robb-Ohagen 
  • Becoming, by Michelle Obama 
  • Squiggly Career, by Helen Tupper 
  • Year of yes, by Shonda Rhimes
  • Atomic Habits, by James Clear


Key takeaways from IABC UK&I Women in Communications 2020 event

  1. Be authentic. You do your best work by being yourself and not trying to do what you think you need to be great at. It’s what you know how to do that is important. 
  2. Network. It’s true – good people know good people, and people will always reach out to their existing network when they need something. This is still something I recommend when speaking to my network, as last year proved to me that an answer to an important question is only a tweet or LinkedIn post away. 
  3. Find a mentor. They offer invaluable insight, guidance and they are there as a sounding board when you need a sense check.
  4. Work on your story/CV. If you regularly update your CV with your latest achievements, it’s easier to apply for that dream role when it appears out of the blue. You remember your achievements more clearly when they are fresh in your mind. It also boosts your confidence when you have a look at your CV several weeks later, as it reminds you of how far you have come. 
  5. It’s ok to pivot. My one key learning from 2020 is to find a company, role and career that matters to you and then pivot to make it happen, because the end result will be worth it. 

Our event Women in Communication – Pathways to Success was held in April 2020 and was free  for IABC UK & Ireland members. Interested in becoming a member to join more events like this? Visit our website at to join today. Use the code IABC20 at checkout when you join or renew through 18 April 2021 and you’ll receive a 20% discount on international dues.


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