One year on – Kim A. Page reflects on Women in Communications

Back in April 2020, IABC UK&I hosted our successful “Women in Communications” event, with five incredible speakers and over 50 guests discussing tips and practical advice on how to navigate a career in comms, with a particular focus on the challenges faced by women.

One year on, our speakers share their takeaways from the event, reflect on what has changed since then, and share an update on their work.


Kim A Page


Kim sitting at her desk

Communication Trainer, Webinar Host, Author of The Right Kind of Loud: Finding your Communications Voice

Communication Expert Kim has helped thousands of professionals get their message through. Originally from Norway, her career spans across three continents and she is an author and TEDx speaker.

Since the pandemic started, Kim has been supporting clients to boost their impact through the screen as speakers and meeting hosts as well as getting them ready for video creation. For organisations she has delivered celebrations as well as best practices for conferences and panel events. Kim is also the creator and host of the zoominar series “The Right Kind of Loud in COVID times”.

Kim was interviewed by Science of Mind Magazine in the US about the voice as a communication tool in  November 2020, which you can watch here –


Kim’s Book recommendations

  • Flow Generation: A Survival Guide for our Unpredictable Lives, by Nicolo Andreula & Vera Sprothen
  • The Culture Map – Breaking through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business, by Erin Meyer
  • 10 Poems to Change your Life, by Roger Housden


Key takeaways from IABC UK&I Women in Communications 2020 event:

  1. The voice is part of our self, our personality – the word ‘per’ = through ,’son’ = sound, through our sound we become who we are
  2. The voice is our most intimate communication tool, starting from the inside of our body, landing inside the body if our listener as vibrations – that is deeper than skin to skin
  3. Most of us don’t like our own voice, 85% of all adults have been asked to be silent, our voice is affected by how we relate to it, a starting point for us as communicators is to stop judging and be caring towards our own voice


This and more is explained in the first chapter of my book – Sound Right, Unleashing the Power of Your Voice – free download on my website: 


One year on…

As a communication trainer, so much changed when I started supporting my clients online. When we communicate through the screen, we go from using five senses to two senses, leaving taste, smell and touch behind while relying on visual and audio input. The shift requires a whole new set of skills when we engage with clients and stakeholders, so for me as a communication trainer, a lot changed when I started supporting my clients online.


As a moderator I found a zoominar format with dialogue and guided questions the best way to create a safe space for real conversations. We gather biweekly on Wednesdays at 4pm (UK time) in 1-hour zoominars with professionals around the world, each time a communication/business topic is explored. You’re welcome to join us and try yourself! On March 10th we’ll dive into ’Trusting in COVID times’.


And if you want to make sure you leverage your meetings and presentations online, I’ve gathered the tools for influencing through the screen in my course The Right Kind of Loud Online, starting April 13th. It’s a learning journey of seven weeks with interactive sessions. For more info, please email me at [email protected]


Our event Women in Communication – Pathways to Success was held in April 2020 and was free  for IABC UK & Ireland members. Interested in becoming a member to join more events like this? Visit our website at to join today. Use the code IABC20 at checkout when you join or renew through 18 April 2021 and you’ll receive a 20% discount on international dues.

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