Reflections on the 2015 IABC World Conference from The App Garden


Hear from Bulent Osman, CEO of The App Garden, as he recounts his experience at the 2015 IABC World Conference in San Francisco.

With the Monday morning San Franciscan sun shining brightly, I walked passed the top-hatted doorman and through the doors of the Marriott hotel.

It was the first day of the IABC World Conference and the reception was awash with excited chatter. These people were, after all, the world’s best business communicators so it was no surprise to hear the elevated decibel levels befitting of their corporate roles.

At my first IABC World Conference, I was keen to hear from the keynote presentations and meet like-minded people over the two days. As a sponsor of the event I was also looking forward to see our advertisement of the StaffConnect app on the huge billboards, hosting a ‘Dine Around’ and sharing the world of internal communication apps in my presentation.

Hot-footing it to the main hall, I was captivated by the first keynote speaker, Aaron Dignan, who enlightened us on The Responsive Organization. Insightful, compelling and informative…what a start! The rest of the day was a wonderful mix of being inspired by a variety of speakers and meeting interesting people in the Hub.

I went to every exhibitor stand to gain insights into the products and services being offered in this sector, keen to see how they could complement our own product and discover new partnership opportunities.

Tuesday was even better. There were more excellent Keynotes and plenty of networking with attendees from all over the United States, Canada as well as a few fellow Brits too. My presentation went well with plenty of interaction, great questions and photos being taken of my StaffConnect presentation slides.

IABC World Conference Dine AroundOne of my highlights however was the Dine Around. This is where I hosted a small group of delegates to dinner at Café Bastille, a French restaurant in the heart of San Francisco.

The food, the service and the company were faultless. Even a few over-excited diners loudly cheering The Warriors to victory (something about the local basketball team winning a trophy for the first time in many years) didn’t spoil the atmosphere. A lovely evening!

The final morning went by in a flash and before I knew it, I was on the Virgin flight back home to London. Happy, tired and delighted after a great conference, my thoughts floated towards the 2016 IABC World Conference in New Orleans.

Now that should be quite a party…I can’t wait!”


Bulent OsmanBulent Osman is an expert in mobile marketing and Founder & CEO of The App Garden Ltd. Passionate about solving business problems with cutting-edge technology and currently building a high-growth company in the mobile software sector.

Having started The App Garden, his goal is to build a truly outstanding software company, known and respected for building enterprise mobile software solutions that matter to the NHS, Healthcare and large enterprises in the UK and around the world.


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