A seat at the table



If you have followed the Griffiths & Hinton research on the future of the communications profession you’ll know that if you want a seat at the table as a communicator, then you have to be able to operate at board level. The IABC Career Roadmap speaks to this, guiding communicators from foundation level, through generalist / specialist to strategic advisor and ultimately, for those who aspire to it, business leader.

You may have seen a couple of Communication World articles from IABC UK Past President Stephen Welch which set out practical steps for improving your business acumen:

The top of the tree can be a confusing place though – so if you want to help steer an organisation at the highest strategic level – here’s a brief guide that will walk you through three types of board (full-screen) Read more

How to apply

So, how does it all work? First you’ll need to think about and answer some questions such as:

  • What type of assistance do you need from  your mentor
  • What is your overall objective
  • What expectations do you have of your mentor
  • How often would you meet
  • When and where will you meet
  • What will be the ground rules for your discussion e.g. confidentiality, openness, candour, truthfulness
  • If problems arise how will they be resolved
  • How will you know when the mentoring relationship has served it purpose and needs to be terminated

Together with your mentor, you’ll agree what topics your initial meeting will focus on and make a plan for subsequent meetings.

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