IoIC – Measurement and Evaluation

Why do many communicators miss out on measurement or evade evaluation?. Recent Newsweaver research reveals we put it high on the importance list – but  a low priority in practice.

Susan Walker ABC who leads the forthcoming IoIC course believes the are three main reasons. “Many communicators tell me that they are uncertain about the basics like questionnaire design and statistics, how communication research can show its benefits to the business and – the big one – how to identify the key action points for maximum impact.”

All these challenges will be covered in the two day course intended both for those who want to equip themselves to carry out their own research or  work more effectively with their research agency. The increasing demand for social media research will also be included.

IABC members can register at the IoIC member rate by clicking register on the form and IABC in the promotion code box. You can either come for day 1 for the basics of measurement and evaluation on 22 Feb here:

Or for day 2 on 23rd for the next stages of linking with business strategy and action planning here

Or for both days:

If you would like to know more about the course and chat to the course leader leading expert in communication research, Susan Walker, please contact her on [email protected].

Using Enterprise Social Networks to nurture employee engagement and advocacy


Our journey to digital transformation by Working Out Loud continues with an event dedicated to the subject on 16 August in London.

wolan model-MAY2016

Co-hosted with the Employee Engagement Alliance, this evening session will discuss how enterprise social networks (ESNs) like Jive and Yammer hold the key to successful employee engagement and advocacy.

Key topics include:-

  • Reasons why ESN can fail
  • Winning ESN strategies, sustaining tactics and success stories
  • Why it’s important to care about employee engagement and advocacy in the context of a changing work environment, increasing pressure for talent development, retention and acquisitions
  • Why Comms/HR/Knowledge Management/IT need to work harmoniously to nurture and sustain an ESN.

Our speakers:-

  • Kate Senter, Senior External Communications Manager, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Stephen Morris, Marketing Project Manager, Merck
  • Crispin Manners, Chairman and Managing Director, Employee Engagement Alliance
  • Allison Maguire, Collaboration and Future of Work Consultant, Enterprise Strategies
  • Lesley Crook, Internal Digital Communications Manager, Working Out Loud in a Network

We hope to see you on the 16th August. In the meantime, get involved in International Working Out Loud Week (#wolweek), 6-12 June that asks us three key questions – What am I trying to accomplish?; Who can help me?; How can I personally contribute to deepen relationships?

Book your tickets here:

Could HR + PR = parity in pay?


Does the PR industry lack HR skills and is this contributing to the gender pay gap?

Earlier this year the Chartered Institute of Public Relations published the results of its State of the Profession Survey.

It established that one of the top issues the industry faces is the gender pay gap.

A salary discrepancy of £8,483 in favour of men cannot be explained by any other factor such as length of service, seniority, parenthood, or a higher prevalence of part-time work among women.

It’s a sobering thought when over two-thirds of practitioners in the profession are female. The CIPR has committed to tackling the issue head on through a four point plan, which sets out what the Institute intends to do to help employers narrow the pay gap going forwards.

It can’t happen quickly enough.

Not a women’s issue but an issue of how well you run your business

This Autumn the CIPR will publish the results of research that’s being undertaken on people and performance management within the PR industry.
The survey of PR employers looks at which general practices are in place within member organisations to define pay at a senior and junior level and who is responsible for this.

From work carried out to date, such as round table events with a variety of industry practitioners including freelancers, SME owner-managers, in house practitioners, agency players, academics and recruitment specialists, there is a clear indication of a potential skills gap in terms of the human resources function.

While it’s true this wouldn’t universally apply, for example where public sector and larger organisations are concerned, the CIPR wants to know more broadly if this is actually the case.

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Be resourceful: easily quantify your impact


The person hiring you next will want to know what difference you’ve made in the past. The past is not always a guide to the future, but most employers and clients see it as an indicator.

They want it in clear concise measurable, and ideally easily verifiable terms. This is true for traditional permanent staffers and freelancers on the move alike – not to mention those who are willing to give their skills away pro bono: the recipient should still look for proof to ensure a good match.

It is how I’ve hired (and been hired) since the nineties and the good practice guidance out there reinforces the importance of this point, whether you read the classic What Colour is Your Parachute, this handy Interview Guide from Berkeley (PDF) or the direct advice from companies like Google.

Show the employer that you are a good fit with detailed examples of times when you successfully used the skills they seek. The Berkeley Job & Internship Guide

Many people struggle with this and come up short. You don’t want to know how many people with otherwise good CVs have made a wasted journey to an interview where they then failed to use data to set out the measurable difference they made. It is a lot of people.

Basically, a good interview answer is in its concise essence structured like this:

Faced with challenge X I did Y which resulted in Z. Whatever you’re starting these days it will most likely have a digital footprint – and this makes for easy illustrations – both qualitative and quantitative. Because a good Z is made up of both.

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EuroComm Conference


Every two years, leading communicators from across Europe, the Middle East & North Africa come together for IABC’s EuroComm conference. The conference theme – Power to the People – is inspired by the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta – the foundation of the freedom for the individual – the basis for legal and political systems worldwide which still resonates across the centuries.

Join the conversation…

EuroComm gives you a voice as part of the conversation about the two most challenging aspects of communication today – people’s opportunity to be heard (encouraging ideas, innovation and best practice) to creating practical action.  EuroComm is a great opportunity to meet and hear from other communicators, to network in the City of London, to learn something new and to share your stories with others.

Conference Rates

IABC member and partner organisation rate: £320
Non-member rate: £480
Join IABC and attend EuroComm rate: £575

Register Now
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EuroComm Conference Sponsor

The award-winning software provider, Newsweaver is sponsoring EuroComm Conference, London, 12-14 April.

Having a well-established provider as Newsweaver signing up to sponsor our annual conference is of great benefit to both parties. Tools that can help communicators do their jobs well, are a welcome addition to the agenda of our conference, matching our theme ‘Power to the People’ this year.
Michael Nord, Regional Chair and Coordinator of EuroComm.


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