How emotive communications drives brand affinity

As marketers we thrive on models and frameworks to explain what we do and what happens in the world around us to our clients and colleagues. We use them to explain complex processes, visualize tried and tested modes of operations or to hedge and focus our thinking and grasp of a situation or business problem.

One of these tried and tested models is the distinction we draw between B2B & B2C, bread and butter for many marketers in terms of understanding how to communicate with allegedly completely different sets of audiences.


Beyond the B2B vs B2C divide

But are they actually that different? Some argue that B2B and B2C distinctions do not exist and offer alternative models that try to encompass both routes to market with terms like Business-to-Person (B2P) or even simply Human-to-Human (H2H?) communication.

Whatever the terms that we might agree on in the future, what these challenger models attempt to do is uncover the commonalities between the traditional B2B & B2C frameworks: the emotive layers of human communication. Read more