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June Van HeuvenWe asked June Van Heuven, IABC UK student member, currently studying two full-time university degrees: PR and Marketing, to share a few thoughts on how the IABC UK Mentoring scheme has helped reach her career goals.

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Q1 – What was your goal when you registered for the mentoring scheme?

My IABC UK mentor, Michael Ambjorn presented himself at my university and gave us a very inspiring presentation.

He discussed the benefits of having a mentor and suggested we should all find a mentor. At the time, I was looking for an internship and I was hoping a mentor would give me a better understanding of what employers would be looking for so I could work on some skills and update my CV to find a good internship.

Michael took on the role of my mentor and has taught me so much ever since.

Q2 – What did you get the most out of the mentoring relationship?

First of all, I understood a lot better what it would take to become successful practitioner, like Michael is.

Michael is a true inspiration to me every day and he has taught me that it’s all about being determined, learning from your mistakes and using every opportunity you get to learn.

He has helped me find my strengths, and become more confident in my abilities. He has introduced me to the IABC and networking and has put me in contact with some other people who can help me reach my goals. Lastly, he has taught me about kindness and helping other people.I now regularly try to help another girl and teach her everything Michael has taught me. I have also encouraged her to join the IABC.

Q3 – What advice would you give to other students looking for an IABC mentor?

Do it. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done and I count myself lucky every day that I have someone like Michael to help me out when I don’t know all the answers.

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