Metaphor-jams or why IABC is like a savings account


Last night, I had the pleasure of taking part in a #Rapido Networking event to kick off a relationship between IABC and Leeds University Business School. It was my honour to share what IABC had to offer our 80 new members from Leeds. Here are some thoughts about IABC, hoping we can kick off a metaphor jam…

To me, IABC is like a career savings account. Let me explain:

  • The earlier you start putting into it, the better.– I wish I had been a member when I was doing my BA in Mexico, or my MA in Bournemouth Media School or even when I first moved to London to start a second career.
  • It would have made my path into the UK industry much smoother. It has given me something I didn’t have then: a global network of contacts that are more than happy to provide guidance on anything from good recruiters and career choices to favourite local coffee bars or suppliers.
  • You only get out as much as you put in – As an IABC member you can choose: stay on the side-lines and you’ll receive tons of useful information. Dare to become a volunteer – like many of us – and the sky is the limit on what you can achieve. IABC is a safe space to try out new skills, experiment and innovate.
  • You should be putting more in as you get older – As a student, a savings account is a luxury. So that’s the time when you should be squeezing as much as you can from those who are further along and have started to give back. Enrol in the mentoring scheme and push your mentor to give you more.

There is one way in which an IABC membership beats the saving account. It is portable and global. Many of our student members will move to other countries once they complete their studies. They will be taking IABC with them. From Manila to Paris, Los Angeles to Johannesburg, the local chapter is always there to welcome you.

Last night I walked away energized, inspired and in impressed at the quality and professionalism of the student-run event. It took both parties 18 months to turn an initial conversation into a real tangible, mutually beneficial partnership. So thank you to Daniel Schraibman and Dr. Kendi Kinuthia, among many others, for making it happen.

IABC is the largest network of professional business communicators in the world, and a source of peer-to-peer best practice sharing. This circle of learning wouldn’t be complete without those starting out their careers and we are delighted to welcome those students into our growing community.


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